Harry Potter Death Eater Halloween Bash 2015 costume

Halloween Bash 2015

My involvement with the local radio station has led me to the acquisition of a booth at the Halloween Bash. For all of you that stop out feel free to pass on by my booth. I’ll have some goodies for the kids and some possible games or activities to participate in. I still haven’t crunched out all the details but I’m working on it.

I have chosen to be a Death Eater for my costume arrangements this year. You know, from Harry Potter?

Somehow, I’ll need to tuck my beard under my mask. A Death Eater just isn’t a Death Eater with a muggle beard sticking out near the chin area of the mask.

I’ve planned out my Halloween costume when I turn 70 years old – Professor Dumbledore. By that time I should have generated the much needed white beard, wrinkly skin, and the ol’ folk look.

For now I shall enjoy the fruitful aspects of my youth as a Death Eater.

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